Affiliates & Partners

I will here list my partners and affiliates.


 they next affiliate is Whenever you visit their site through my links I will get paid(100clicks ~10cent or so) and if you buy something there I will get a certain percentage of the money your goods cost depending on what they are(e.g. figures8%, games 6%, etc)

another affiliate is j-list or j-box. Each time you visit their site from one of my links I will get 15% store credit or if I want 12% cash of the things you buy.

the next affiliate is and
whenever you buy something there after clicking on my links I will get a percentage of the money depending on how many goods I already "sold" with you. I also have a wish list with them, you can buy things for me and I even get money for it

the last one is paypal. I get money whenever you donate it to me via the "donate" button.

former affiliates:

google, fired me because of "illegal" clicking techniques, shortly before I should've got my first payment, very suspicious.
quit linkbucks, only made 8cents in half a year or so.

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