About me

Hello, stranger-

I'm Ningen-

I'm from the Eurasian continent-

And I'm the master of this place-

I'm interested in anime, manga, videogames, visual novels, etc. -

I've created this blog to share my happiness with you-


I'm going to post about my interests, japan general and so forth-

English isn't my native language this blog will sound a bit strange to you, maybe it's normal to you, maybe you will think of it as kawaiiiii! -

Please donate money to my paypal, buy the things from my amazon wishlist for me and of course buy things that are promoted in my ads to support the companies and my financial status-

More information might be added, if the neccessary interest is given-

you can find me at msn, yahoo(jp),
icq, facebook, twitter, flickr, random forum sigma,
et cetera.(even at google)

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