HLJ sent me some new ¿?dildos?¿

Dildos from hlj.com

Nah, only some lewd figures

lewd figures!

1/6 Torotoro Otome Reina Brown Ver. by Daiki Kogyo 
( とろとろおとめ れいな 褐色ver. )

the figure is inspired by the char Reina in the story Reina Shuurai from one of  Toroshio's books called Toro Toro Otome
( とろしお とろとろおとめ れいな襲来! )

the book in question is fully colored!!

but there's still more!

1/7 Kokuten Tae PVC
by Orchid Seed

 sculpted after Inuburo's cover illustration for the COMIC Shoujo Tengoku 2007-05
( いぬぶろ COMIC 少女天国 2007年5月号 )

the book doesn't feature any comics of his though, only the cover is by him

hey, did you know? the softness of an elem***** schooler's breasts and the softness of nama yatsuhashi is the same

for the hairy barbarians: "unbaked yatsuhashi (Nama yatsuhashi) has a soft, mochi-like texture and is often eaten wrapped around red bean paste ( an), and may come in a variety of different flavours."



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