Psychological Studies: Why Cinderella dropped her glass shoe on purpose

Oh my goat, my trilight package of Nappism has arrived

oh how lovely

what a lovely box

Son, I'm so proud

you can use this to swim(with whales)

yes, I meant those "whales"

oh my god, it's the Queen's Blade

a book and a figure!

read the warnings, they're important

we all know how the world ended after our last mis(s )and take (without giving)

white top of the box

it's a Yuit figurine

and a Yuit x Vante book

the book has a dust cover

the first page shows some figtherines

the back of the book

now for the figure

the back of the box

the pictures on the box are just stuck there with tape

the figure itself is of course secured once again

the lovely frame holding the figure's plastic holding device


as you can already see she comes with a key and an this my hand is burning red arm

taking off  the wrapping is probably one of the most exciting parts

the figure itself

her leg shells

the key and the finger!

of course you can undress her, she's from QB after all

nice body

good allometry

cucumberlicious allometry

good cute legs

enticing underwear

a back to behold of

armpits to ...

...with all your love!

with clothing and key, but no head

erupting  burining finger!

she wears a cape, because that's what capes are made for

here one can see her feather headdress

in full glory!

realistic tucking

this hand of mine is burning red its loud roar tells me to grasp victory

buy the figure yourself if you want to fap to it


now for the next figurine in the package

Sora, the better one out of the two Kasugano twins

has a hole to feel

by Kotobukiya, one of their 4Leaves

look at this magnificent hole

the pillow on which you are supposed to place her

it has a shining silver touch

I want such illustrations on all of my pp

plastic, plastic, plastic

you can use her face without putting away the plastic


still more plastic to get rid of

sitting on the pillow she is

those are legs, you use them to get rid of sexual frustation

let it flow

the pillow is as soft as an fuwa fuwa and taimu

I'd have liked a textile sukumizu more, then I could strip her

she has 5 fingers on each hand, which are nicely sculpted

her hair seems robust as it isn't very hard, but still thin you shouldn't throw
 her out of the windows if you don't want it to break

it's probably also better to keep her on the pillow because otherwise her hair
might be too long for the floor or wherever you place her

her ribbons look nice as well

as you can see some of my items are ages 18+

1x book or magazine, 3x figure, 1x figure
all bought reduced or in sales at hlj.com

3 out of 4 figures made in China, uguu ;_;

a Shana microfibre cloth

you can wash it and such things

look at the yellow circle sign

as always nice microfibre quality

the seams are well made

you can look through it, like with high-quality silk

the next figurine

Silfa 1/6 from To Heart 2

once again Kotobukiya 4-Leaves

26cm high

which equals the average dwarven staff after seeing this picture

Shirufua Samaa Memoriizu
Silfa summer memories

read the warnings carefully

or you'll have to be heiled

the color of the box is nice and refreshing

now we just have to open her

cut the tape

and begin the magic

as you can see she's big

her face looks nicely done

she has big brest, but that's okay because she's a maid robot

her panty looks cute and the pose inviting

she's standing on one foot and the other leg is bent

the shoes look gorgeous as well with a flower on them

her ears things look good and detailed

her braid looks realistic and is encuted with a ribbon

an enticing back

the wrinkles in her panty make it look very arousing

you can see there's love in this pantsu

nice shoes indeed

ready for take-off!

alltogether a nice figure with cute clothes

oh what could this be?

it the Dengeki Hime with an extra

the back of the magazine

the extra

the other side looks better ^^"

at least with the wrapping

what could this be? maybe a scooter?

boxes over Roxas

what a lovely face

it's a boxershorts and the girls want me!

on the back the girls still seem cute

the inner side of it looks quite nice as well

but that's not how you wear it

unless you're an attention whore

attentive people might have already seen this extra on the cover

commercials for games, perfect

where the boxershorts is from

The Magnificent Seven, what a great title

the character design seems nice

big breasts,

nice breasts,

wonderful breasts!

buy the magazine yourself if you want it in a quality where you can read it.

a game by bitterdrop
 with German subtitle "Verweile doch! Du bist so schön."

or in internet English "intestine-city&fap-town"

this expressions shows that she just crushed your PTRD

geography is very important, EU is a country and Britannia is not a part of it

nice two-pages big pictures

many different erotic games

I like you and I want you

so, SPIDERMAN, maybe?

Fortuna Rhapsody, not bad

choose your heroine

1/2 summer and climatoligsts still say it gets warmer

and for a final Futsuno Fantasy

propaganda on b/w pages, like in the old days

to make the nostalgia complete: an instruction  for windows short-cuts

something like a contract, but you will have to do an enumeration

nice mangas, I like how they wear so much clothes

nazi girls are always welcome

text: the Russians are coming, protect the Juggernaut!!

you wouldn't be able to read it even if it were in good quality anyway...

DaiTeikoku Fancism,
what a wonderful pun on words and still true

nice art and so refreshing

2-hit-Combo, go for Penta!

I always said if there's a way to go it would have something to do with women, whips and oil

I ough to break a broom handle off in your ass

Let's rock! ... I guess.

there's hyper written on what seems to be a torch light

well, this was rance quest in a few sentences

Now on Sale!!

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