Get Festival Quickie

G'day my mates!

And welcome to Australia!

This is what we call a basement over here!

we keep our POWs in there

just look at those tissues soaked with green blood

look at how they cower in fear of (s)execution

every single toast of them

a cushion it seems...

how haemorrhoid

with not only one, but two different sides

prepare your desu!

a giant box!

a giant box from behind!


a dismemberment case it seems...

or better hellstairs

only for true fans

a fan!

fans - for fans by fans


what unbelievable free gift Beat Magazine!
beats you like a... you know what I mean...

look'dy look at this

magic protection for your cards!!

mate, you better watch out...

because we've got a badass here

from back in the old days in June 2011, when badasses were still badasses

badasses with 500 pages that is.

and yes, this constitutes as a post

no discussions.


  1. I've got a mini-cushion on order too, thank you for reminding me

  2. no problem, you're welcome[^__^]

  3. Looks like we have ourselves a little busters fan XD