Package of vile preposterousness.

a package, what humbug!

from good ol' Japan it seems

beware not to explode it accidentally.

 care the handlebar

hailt to the king!

a box, what a twist!

now the package is empty!

fricking fricksticks!

Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan!

a figure

modeled after this work of art!

it's art indeed

as always, no duelists allowed

fun fact, not Betty White

white gold!

I trade it with this crane operator

diamond stronghold!

a hairs and a body

a base and such monstrosities!

this alone is like 15cm high

and then these maximum size twintails!

as shiny shining shine base

a skirt back!

and a skirt front!!!!


the ceiling of all ceilings ever, for ever

it's like in one of those rape doujinshis with rape

"use the magnets, Luke!"

actually the mirror is an UPSKIRT-MIRROR!!

it's shows everything upskirted, even rocket launchers!

what a beautiful neck tie

I just want to take it and suffocate someone with it(hard(ly))

ze Sukaato

you just put them together and the magic begins!

you see how it's all frilly and tasty looking?

that's because of the metallic pins to put it together

and this is why water freezes in the cold

it's placed on her and then you rock your socks!

and this is the head!

and this is a twintail!

it's not attached to the head!

and the head is not attached to the twin tail!

it's what you call broken

but, I'm a scientist after all

I just use a binding spell

and look, it's holding together

and how nice the mana looks

obviously I sent my proxy service pictures and said how it was already broken when delivered, as observant viewers will already have noticed in the first few pictures, if not, shame on you!
they contacted the seller on yahoo japan auctions.
he said I will get a new head!!
but it takes like one million decades to create it
and then four million decades to ship it!

thus we are waiting!

we are going to use white wind power to overcome the waiting time!

after waiting some years ...it's now 2003

furry gaming magazine reign the world

with like 2k pages

the amazing world

omg an index!

it shows the contents!!

this is so vintage

strange people overthrowing the king?!

angels rumblings the skies?

magic the gathering rankings?

those men will rule the world in 2005

those are tactics:
if you do that you get that and that

and then that does that

and then success

a short story about the merits of being unable

not-so-moe tiger gets 10 out of 10 faps


a crossword puzzle, can you get all questions right?

if you do so you might get an award in 2008

card games deliver a man's dreams!

dragon balls card ga(y)mes

oh my gosh, mana source!

the Cardgamer came to drink juics and play cards
and he's all out of juice

as a true man I only use loli cards

the only game that can hold my ego

I use 'dungeon keeper', all your lolis go in my basement!

as for this situation I would suggest to play a trap  card, 
to be more precisely, the Bridget one

I remember this, it was a little more compley than yugioh and thus the little kids didn't understand the rules and didn't force their parents to buy the cards!

but I, as bona fide pervert, understood it

I play 3 horny worms,

1 chaos and 2 swamp worms,

as well as a stinger and poison worm and a licker

all in rape mode

and then they are to assault Cirno

this game actually wasn't that bad

 that's what my rape-o-meter says at least

the navigator says "set sail for rape!"

real man only play with little girls and the monsters to rape them

my gba sp is pink

dvds and music for when your hands hurt from playing card


real americans always wear sunglasses

get your awesome stuff!

yes, we had internet in 03

mangas with gundam pilots going on rampage!

in this game you are supposed to save the president from the communists

a little story about letters

get it now

sephiroth vs cloud the final battle where you can't lose

2003, when figures were still cute and everything was as it should be

how cute, a story about maids falling into despair and becoming drug-addict hooligans

if you don't know the people out of this ranking you are not awesome

meet with your fellow americans to trade your cards

the usual mahou shoujo contract

monument of goddess a expansion to the shin megami tensei tcg comes out soon!

hellz yeah

and now we will wait some more!

while looking at lewdnesses!

we are in 2xx6, the beginning of the broomstick crisis

pasokon paradise!

and that's why you should send girls to milk your cows

but don't send your cows to milk your girls

it's starts with content!

more thant 300 pages of it!

filled with wild perversions!

but censored

they are able to combine to pages to one vertically

porn, porn, porn the porner!

maybe best girl from school days, or rather summer days

in case you don't understand japanese letters, 'purinsesu warutsu' is first place

NSN is more than once in that list

rightly so

after all it features the Scatman as harem master


thousands of them!

I would let her reload my silver bullets alls day

90%, that's 10 times more than nine percent!

all the games you know

and love

also, this is the list of games featured in this mag, you should buy every single one

actually not, don't touch my harems

making little girls clothes is a good way to spend your time

or open a maggot farm for experiments


one of the best phallic shaped fruits ever

be sure to pre-order everything shown here

or you will always regret it

it's the war of Artemis

go my fellow bananas!

no, you fuck off!

un-phimomsize your phimosis

asian doctor,
first at crime scene because he caused it

it says you can expand your e-penis by 40 points with trolling weeaboos

you probably lost your virginity to your flute or your flute teacher

looks way better than the animes

what are these 3d people doing in my hentai magazines!!

if you win in go your enemies get covered in white liquid, suspicious white liquid...

get this mahou shoujo dakimakura for 15k!

the character design of these futanari is way to manly

why don't you send them your hentai drawings as well?
probably because they are shit.

get out of my hentai mags you damn witches!

burn the witch!

what bogus manga in my magazine

the infamous mahou shoujo contract

I didn't read the text, but the picture says rape and that's good


fun fact, 3 days or something like that until christmas

wet panties? I have to remove them or you will catch a cold!

new kimikiss...

ice cream a good cream

mind crush!

the most evil game ever

and now we will sleep some more

for like ever *twinkle*

december 2011, the british started their attack on the french conglomerates

Push Magazine!

dear or love?

how about both?

this is what I call original character design

the No. 1 non-asian doctor ever!

his earlobes shrinked by 10.4 cm!

but this is even crazier, the one's of the woman grew 8.2cm!

the widely feared index page

filled with horrible cons and tents(not the kind that heals your party)

and what is this! a rom index!

that's right there's a dvd in the push magazines!
they have mostly eroge related stuff on them
trials, patches, dramas, ops, windows sounds and such stuff, this one has 4gb of content
maybe I will do a review of one one day

this is also quite original design

on the upper right corner is written "Top News", but they are actually  topless

"please haremize me, harem master"

broomsticks are the best sticks for a reason

captain slug is like the henry ford of Star Trek

which one will you choose?

silly catgirl, why are you having pumpkins in your hair!
 but this gave me a very good idead...



and this must be the Hulk Hogan of ruining lolis for marriage

got milk

8-bit is so avant-garde

an 124cm S cup

the infamouse ona hole for 3dcg


no need to read text, just look at the pictures and use your imagination

birds can help to achieve several states of undress in your haremetts

seems like a job for steamboat willy!

according to the picture the story is very good

this chart is wrong, actually the banana is the last level

good games

and interview about how the wookies killed master yoda

what these artists lack is tentacles in outer space

a black servant woman on a black/white page, this deepens the bonds between the human and the black race immanely

a calendar to be always up to date with the releases

look up games, look them up!

a ranking!

and the end!

but now the time to tug drills has come!

so just stay alive for a few more hours!

this is the body

and this is a new head!

perfect fit!

just look at the cherry, I totally want to pop it!

this is the hair

and those are the hairy balls

my maxime is that slice-of-life protagonists need to have hairy balls

lots of them!

this is upskirt, you can see it because it's upskirt

these thighs are out of real fabric!

you can cut them out and wear them yourself!

even Miku loves this figure!

this true friendship!

hail the witch doctor!

all in all she's around 20cm high
she's done quite well
I especially like how her stockings are made out of real fabric
and of course it's not an official figure
on yja you can get quite a bunch of good nude figures
if you already have an adult yja acount you will be able to view nude figures here
I got her for 3k yen + shipping costs from Yahoo Japan Auctions via the proxy
service buyjapanese
they are quite good, you can see the their charges on their page
they got me this figure even though I gave them the order to do so 1 hour before it ended or so
and they dealt with the auction seller to give me the spare head part without me paying anything extra
at first you have to give them the money you are ready to spent and if they don't get your item you get the full amount back
you can also order from amazon.co.jp and such sites via them

one day I will add a proxy shipping tutorial, but on the above mentioned page everything is pretty much selt-explanatory, they even have a complete guide for yja.

for the figure I give around 5 out of 5 Kokonoe Rin with loosened panties

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