I too was a villain once, but then I took an arrow in the knee.


White Death has come.

that's right, the motherflippin' kind

 experience pin-points touché nunallany science

rated DOUBLE-R for rori-rape

burn the zob-head-mouse-wielding-witch!

you're going to die like a bunch of limeys anyway!

unlike immortality
(you can't write immortality without hands)

anyway, let's get down to business

as for, I am ma(i)d

( ma(i)d as in "you just maid my day" )
Hey Hikikomoris,
My name is OtaKING, and I flip every single table of you. All of you are fat, reclusive, autists who spend every second of their day looking at meganekko dat ass pictures. You are everything peverted in za Warudo. Honestly, have any of you ever repainted their room in semen? I mean, I guess it’s sugoi desu pleasuring yourself with a fish because of your phimosis, but you all take this to a whole new level of localization. This is even worse than not jerking off to pictures of little girls.
Don’t be a lifeliner. Just hit me with your best waifu. I’m pretty much every netorare endboss ever. I was supreme-commander of the Comiket, and father of the Lolicon-Genre. What Touhous can you 1cc, other than Touhou 8 or 9 on easy? I also get straight GOOD ENDINGs, and have a over the top moe minecraft house (It just blew up; Shit was SO "oniichan, daisuki"). You are all unvirgins who should just 3dpd yourselves. Thanks for listening.

(pic related it's me and my full-tnt house with lava floor)