Get! (da. ze. !)

peace... and killing innocents... all day...

better than any mistery gift berry ever!

fucking Obelix Advent calendar!

fuck yearrrrr!

a fucking stone with a ribbon!

a house with thousands of house numbers!!

a boat house is like your life,
both hate you!

frikken' imouto lolibot dx in that gift box!!

just look at this awesome design!

Ariel left the sea just for this design!

and after you've used it (thoroughly)

you can cut this shit out and put it on your credit card!!

you have to.

time for the hightlight!

the first feature-length get ever!

it's not over yet!

fucking boxcutter is in the house!

hide your wife!

hide your kidz!

'cuz box cutter are raping everyone out here

just look at this fine piece of awesomeness!

you know shit's going get rolling when box cutter show up!

able to kill 12 people in one slice!
the real slice of life!

just imagine if the NAZIs had this back then in WWII!

it wouldn't have just ended with conquering EUROPE

or conquering the world

the entirety of the whole universe would've been conquered in half a minute!

deploy the blade in 0,001337 seconds!

never has killing people haply been this easy!

just take your box cutter..

and fuck shit up!


as a matter of fact

Mengele's scalpel was an ancestor of the present-day box cutter

400 inch of rape volumina!

just imagine infiltrating lolis with it

(billions of people died in the history of box cutters)

take a look at this slender blade

you even can cut Katanas!

and if the blade gets dull

just like with your old stuffed animals

you discard it...

how very sad

how very, very sad...

but for now just take a look at this for free included ona-hole!

(they say you can even use box cutters to make ona-holes out of people's bodies)

and in those ona-holes you can put your genit- keychains!

never has any keychain been this happy(ever)

that grip!

just looking at this makes we want to strip

and my loli's pantsu to unzip

perfectly carved to let the blood flow down in an utmost perfect manner

you'll never have to worry about clogged "routes" again!

and when it's all out of blades

just reaload and your killing spree begins anew!

just stating the obvious

and whenever you think there's someone behind you...

use your box cutter as a mirror

spot the enemy!

and commence...

the raping!

make three parts out of one rape victim within one single cut!

rampage is now!

crane out of nowhere

there's nothing this box cutter can't cut

obviously it leaves the genital parts unscathed
(for obiously sex-related reasons)

...anyway, time to undress

or rather time to end this post

time to end this post for good.

before I have to show you how to kill a god with a box cutter.

third get: I now have light, once again



  1. Never liked those weapons

  2. box cutter cant cut steak or turkey.. can it?

  3. Yeah, not sure what to think of this post. o_o

  4. @Astra

    don't know, they always split themselves after they see box cutter