Life is but a train. (TEAR-RAIN)

package why are you so appealing?

can you guess the conent by this picture?

or with this picture?

but surely with this one

well, let's go over to the pictures we want to see so badly

it says two plastic kit for 2550yen each, but that's a lie.

lying is bad, you know..

this is the one to get our...


rape will be had.

instead of a raped insides the package had strange papers,


and a black cat,

and a fortress of paper,

and a nothing.

this is better than expected.


it says danchou(FÜHRER)

it's out of faux leather, because we are animal-friendly

and we don't kill people to take their skin off and make clothing out of it.

as we can see it's made by cospa and cost 1,575yen
 (I paid 1500yen)

I always keep my used paper-clips

because I couldn't bear to just take their raison d'etre!

well, this is the brassard

the inside is white, sign says polyurethane

FUHRER in big

this is the legendary safety pin to pin it safely.

pictures say not to drink it, not to drink it out of a chemistry glass, not to iron or catch it.

(catch like in gotta catch 'em all)

my measurement technique say 37cms in diameter

and 10cms high

more than enough for my ~6.5cm arms.

and since I already was at it, I decided to measure the package too

37cms in lenght

25cm in width

and 20cms in height

a box truly worthy of my nazi and anime goods

and now for the Kuroneko figurine

a figurine by kotobukiya

it has Kuroneko on the box

(several times)

a very fappable box

the box gives her a  cryonic slumber

so she doesn't get lonely on the way to my home

the bottom is filled with warnings

'Adult collectible, not a toy.'
(that's what we call adult toys)

as if you would only develop sexual feelings after becoming 14...

small parts could choke your kids to death!

now for the unboxing symposium!

but let's listen to a song before unboxing...

I will call this song by the name ED7.

here you can see a wonderful piece of box and figurine

what wonderful flowers on there

and what a wonderful ac/dc lightning bolt!

this is the figurine

this is a comic

and this is at the bottom of the figurine's wrapping

those are for the base

you see, the base can be opened...

 and you can put either one or the other
base cover in it.

this one says ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai
that other kousaka sibling's says ore no imouto no tomodachi ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai

 the first one means my little sister can't be this kawaii
the second one with the picture says my little sister's friend can't be this kawaii

well, the next step should be obvious...

(a hint for those who don't know me)

for obious reasons

 or size comparison

as you can see Kuroneko is my imouto from now on.

look at her!

what glory!

some pictures have strange cables in them because my mobile
phone had no energy anymore and had to be recharged

recharged with love to be exact

you can see she is very rich in details

just look at those frilly frills and that mouth!

this is the Masquerade costume, which she's wearing the first part of the series

it has crosses or swords on it

so it could be very well a Zack cosplay

probably not

she has this maid-like hairband on her head, I like it

 as you can see the right ear is nearly covered by her hair

which goes to around the end of her waist

shes has two hands

the poses of the hands make me feel like bongo drums


I would let those hands rape me, twice(per minute).

before we continue with my fetishes I will sing a song

It's a song about endings

I might as well call it ED14

you know the deal with those shining bases?

you can panchiras your imoutos without them noticing

hurray shiny base!

banzai for cloud cosplays cosplaying Zack

but as real pdf files we have our own panchira methods

there's a reason why I don't want to use my hq cameras's space for figure shootings

you have to be very stealthy about this


one wrong move and you will see the depths of eternal despair

but it will be worth it.

seems like it's time for my highly potentious reviews!

at first comes the HAKENKREUZARMBINDE

I bought it at 1999.co.jp for 1500yen on the 14th of September
it shipped on the 20th and arrived today at the first of Octember

the material feels very good and it is wide enough to fit even on my thigh without problems

I will give around:

5 out of 5 Naziisms

now for the Kuroneko figurine

I bought it at 1999.co.jp for 3600yen
for both items together I had to pay shipping costs of 980 yen
as to be expected when packed in one package they arrived on the same day,
in the same package, just in case you didn't notice.
like all packages I get, it arrived safely

the figurine itself is very nice
it's made in a 1/8 scale so she's around 17.5cms high
the coloring is beautiful, she has many little accessories,
like the flowers and the frills.
the expression is very cute and has a lively touche

my biggest concern was that the tights looked a little bit strange in the pictures I saw
but after getting the figure I can proudly say that this figure's tights are of high quality
all my concerns turned to naught(y) after frollicking in their awe

I can give a deserved pack of:


five out of five Kuronekos giving five out of five fingers for things that deserve it

and a video

a video about machines!

if you don't have nything to remark about the number on haruhi's shirt...

we are done with today's package's review

but as thanks for scrolling this far, I will give you some screens of my desktop

though the left one is filled with firefox

but whatever...

you can't have everything in life, unless you are me or Chuck Norris.

this is art,

this is cross-dressing,

and this is why you visit my blog.



  1. I think you did a really good job at showing off how cute that Kuroneko figure is. She looks really adorable, especially with Vivio and others on your desk.

  2. Lol at woody picture

  3. Interesting stuff!