Za Keeki!

What a wonderful cake!

it can eat and be eaten!

perfect for catching lolis!

look at how happy she is!

(this is a zoom to her inner feelings)

but nothing can last forever

it seems you don't

so let me explain:

just like pudding will be eaten,

 tetris will be lost,

and every relationship will end.
(at least if Chuck Norris is your father)

and the same happens with cakes!

the cake is a lie! 

logic tells me cakes shouldn't be empty.

this is terrible!

how can you enjoy a cake without anything in it(at all)!

that's right!

so we put lolis in there and take pictures of their pantsu!
(idea of the year)

but Vivio doesn't like this

Vivio wants to eat cake!

and thus the rage unleashes!

splitting cakes,

hitting customers,

mutilating innocents,

betraying friends, etc, etc.

look at the fine cut

"this is like in my katana-fanservice animes!"

Katanas can not only slice human meat...

but also bread! (leaving hitler marks on it)

but they can't heal your broken mind

well. as we can clearly see

Vivio won!

and can now engage in lesbian relationships

but is it really over?

suddenly! doughnut out of nowhere!

we are all going to die!

this is not your usual crime

 and this is not your usual doughnut!

...it's controlled by..


(@_@)  :rolleyes:

one of it's techniques is to make a swift 180° turn

what visions of horror will our heroes have to encounter this time?!

to be continued, seriously...

and this concludes today's story!

even random mage was surprised, he petrified to wood...

(my fort)
finally, I want to introduce my staff

this is Fork-dono, he likes to read loli-futanari-doujinshi

Naifu-chan - hates pizza

Cake, Cage-chan - died for the greater food

her oniichan  Cake, Contents-nii - died for the greater food

Donut-neechan - suffered from dougnutlution

random delicious flat chest

Vivio Takamachi as Vivio Testarossa

not so new headphones as random headphones #2

floor as random shoujo S

raito as shadow

Nazi-Brezel as Pretzel-kun (my comrade in arms / aka my assistant)

as always a pedobear inside production™

feel free to leave your opinion on this photostory at the comment's section

over and out.