Get!! two packages in one day!


come on, let's start!

this is the first one; it's full of dreams

it's from www.e2046.com


actually, you don't slap people out of happiness.

okay, this is kind of weird...

as you probably already noticed it's a gk(garage kit)

here we can see the 36 parts in all their GLORY!

(lv. 4 paint user)

the packing list, as you can see(it's cut rather sloppy by their people)

I get 5% off on my next order!

with those 5% money I will establish a big alchemical lab to forge gold

e2046's boxes are always high quality and can be used for cutting steel

or somethig along that lines...

 36 parts in 17 bags

 two pages about the figure from some magazine

it should be like this after it's done

the full review for her and my outcome will be seen in some "other" post...

time for the other package

but before that...

 there's still the second item from this package

just because you can never have enough bases

you can use this to turn every war in your favor

frigid, handle with pregnancy


it's the 100th figma ever!


at some shops this figma came with headphones


but let's concentrate on the box!

it has Hatsune Miku on it!

actually this isn't that bad...

there are 3 faces, 8 hands and things we will see in the following pictures included

these are informations

as we can see it's the append ver.

her name is printed on the box in a way you can feel it when touching the writing!

 now it's time to unbox!

the cardboard in the box has mirror foil on it

but even so you can't see me

some kind of name card!

you can take it out

well, because my tension bar was too high...

I damaged the box severly...

I'm such a bad parent...

like this my figurines will start to hate me...

now for the real content!

as you can see there are billions of parts

2 extra faces, 6 extra hands, 2 extra upper arms, etc etc..

waistbelts and whatever!

instructions on how to enable the genocide mode

and how to use your camcorder in order to stalk little girls

on these extra upper arms the hatches on her suit are opened

one extra sleepy and one extra sadistic mistress face

6 additional hands, for when the others get soar

this holds the body

this holds the body holder

this is the crane rope, for the crane

waist belt or something like that, maybe just futuristic pepper holders

waist belt for maximum output in a way that lets lolis lift their skirts

just like this, but without stereo sound

the base which holds the thing which holds the thing which holds the figure

some shots of the figure

the michael jackson figma has joints in the toes

this one doesn't

the foot at the right side(!sic)

but these feet are still better than MJ's

way better!

but what about a Marisa Jackson Figma with joints in the toes?!

time will tell us (for sure)

until then we will have to use our doushinji opus to simulate joints in the toes

despite all the greatness there's one problem with the figurine

you will probably notice it too...

her chest isn't flat

I would prefer something like this

the headphones
  (randomly packed you got either black, gray or brown ones)

you can put them on your figma, another figure or your own head

it's rather flexible and the ear things can be rotated

you can conducts abortions by taking off the abdomen

the stomach in colour (65536colours)

to exchange faces you just remove the front part of her hair

then jam another face on and start a new bukkake fancy dress party

the second pack of guts opens her stomache area

like all figmas you can force her in whatever unsightly pose you want


here are the amputated hands and forearms

and amputated upper arms

Little Girl: Doctor, something is wrong... I can't feel my legs!

Doctor: Yes, we've had to amputate both your arms. 

you see that little ring?

you can't put it off, but turn it around and such(writing says crypton)

some more poses!



lets get down to business!

to defeat the huns!

this is a great deal better than real life

even better than the unreleased kamen rider x MJ doujinshis!

maybe even better than how amiami put a box in my box

you have to think out of the box, not in the box..

well, I'm not good at striking poses

beacuse I don't know about real human anatomy

so I will just go over to rate the figurines

Marisa Kirisame (GK)
(appropriate actions will follow when doing her)
got her over here
payed 31,76€ for her with 7,77€shipping
the scale is 1/8, so she will be around 17centimeters high
36 parts, though I didn't count them yet...
she got shipped on the 1st of September and I got her on the 20th of September
the plastic box is around 25cmx15cmx8cm
the parts themselves are savely packed in bubble wrap, the lunch box is wrapped in bubble wrap and everything is packed in some kind of gift wrap paper, they used around two-hundred rolls of tape for wrapping, or maybe only twelve
all the parts seem to be in good condition
if you want a nice Marisa gk you should buy her too
though I don't know whether you are able to paint and etc. her with your skills

5 out of five moonwalking autistic childs

now for the wooden base(rectangular)

got it here for 3.01€ and 2.22€ shipping
it's made out of wood
9cm wide, 1.5cm high and 20cm long
smells like wood

5 ouf of 5 otaku houses

time for the last item!

Figma Miku Hatsune Append Ver.

let's just continue

I preordered her for 2,200yen from amiami
the package got shipped on the 2nd of September and I got her on the 20th of September
the shipping method was SAL(unregistered) for 780yen
I already pre-ordered her some months ago
the box is very nice and the headphones are a nice gift for the hundredth figma
the boxing is about 22cm long, 21 wide and 7.5cm high 
the quality of the figure is great and the joints work smoothly
like all figmas she is non-scale, but big enough with around 14centimeters(without hair)
of course delicate parts could always be easily broken, but not if you pay a little attention
with 3 faces, 8 hands, 4 upper arms, two stomaches,2 waist things plus figma base and holder you get very much for a very little price, even if you would buy it for the usual 2857yen, I think
all in all I think it's a very great figma

for double fun you should also buy the guts figma
for the 100th figma I'll give around

 5 out of 5 loli Hatsune Mikus who want to sleep together with me


and this concludes today's post

I hope you enjoyed it a little and whathever.

just for your information there's currently some fun goods sale at hlj.com with some cheap dakimakura covers and you will only have to pay half of the shipping at 1999.co.jp until the end of September from today on

-over and out-


  1. Nice loot! Miku Append looks really good and I like her frowning face and feet for some reason. Kinda freaky that her chest piece comes off like that xD Also, do look forward to seeing Marisa painted and put together. I still have a kit from them from a long time ago I haven't finished :s

  2. @Copycatboy
    blood is just another body fluid
    every body fluid is good.

    >>I still have a kit from them from a long time ago I haven't finished :s

    *points at full drawer*

    I can't relate to this.

  3. Ok,i have to admit i had a good laugh with the jewish -gold loving- pokemon. Aaaand got very jealous about the MJ figure. It's very very very cool.

  4. I like the look of the Marisa GK. I don't think I'd have the skills to put one together myself though.

  5. Nice images you have in here. :D

  6. Your figure posts are always strangely interesting like this one. I think Miku looks kind of cute but also equivalent of the other Miku articulation figures.

    I should also get around to starting on my kits too...