Two Packages! Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

one empty package

and one full of paper and plastic

former contents: Book, Plastic Figure and Cellphone Strap

 Plastic Figure, Book and Book!

3x book, 1x strap and 2x plastic figures!

perfect meido match!

the first one is a book!

Magical Girl Nanoha Vivid vol. 3 - Limited Edition!

 (with Nendoroid)

it's in this package!

The Nendoroid!!

The Nendoroid!!


the illustrations on the box are quite kawaii

you can open it from both sides

 Caution: once you've fallen to moe, there's no way back.

the things are in this plastic thing

it protects  and kills innocent humans.

one Manga, one Figurine and one Art Book

a shot of her front

 the right side

the back!

and the left side with clearly seeable Nendoroid stand

as all Nendoroids you can assemble her however you want

you can even take her ahoge off...

this is the art book!

it has some character information and pictures

character files, you know?

artwork on the sea(umi)!

in the sky!

even a last page(page 19)!

and this is the back!

and finally the manga!

it has a dust jacket!

the naked front

and the naked back!

if you want to know the contents of the manga, buy it.
now for the business:

the normal price is 1600yen, I got it for 1280yen.
the Nendoroid is naturally of good quality, though there are no extra parts.
the manga is not bad.
and the artwork thing is also quite cute.
a totally worthy purchase!

you should buy it too.

the second book is a Megami Magazine(vol. 133)

at the beginning there are some posters!

the xxl one is gosick!

and fate on  the other side!

but of course there are also many other posters^___^

it has quite a bit of content, around 150 sites

around 20 posters all in all

contents range from  interviews, moe, kawaii and everything else!


even more cotnents!

interview with kawaii

 they say that everyone dies at the apokalypse 2012

this is a contract to become a mahou shoujo.

 some of the pages are  in black and white

because of your epilepsy

many good informations

out of nowhere suddenly idolmaster poster!

of course always twin-sided

 news about idolmaster!

even about the characters!

yayoi is the best idolmaster character ever.

omg! pantsu princess!

it's a story about a pantsu princess

question(q) and answers(a)

riding horses with idols!

horses are pimps

a cute maria holic poster with catgirl attributes

then some other pages for the epilectic people

top 10s, new releases, prices for bds etc.

a small manga part

a little news about the sudden increae of self-rape victim

interview with idols in sports clothes

info! this is a pantsu

interview with the supervisor!

of course we can't miss those figures!
of course you already placed your pre-orders.

an anime character ketchup!

if we keep  walking we arrive at girl's avenue

in the end there will be some posters again

you have to open them.

of course also some commercials

you should buy everything that gets advertised.

the steins gate vol. 1 blurays will be out 2011 6.22

the magazine cost  743yen
the posters can be seen in this Pool(^___^)
the interviews and informations aren't bad
though most people buy the magazines only for the posters..
there are also cute pictures for people who don't know any moonspeak.

buy it or something like that.

this is the cellphone cushion strap

it costs 952 yen

the character is yui from Angel Beats

the fabric isn't that bad for it's size

ideal dakimakura replacement for when you go out, but you don't go out

a figure!

it's Momoe Paruchu

big windows for good light

this is the figure + cd set!!

the character is quite cute

obviously by pop(moetan etc.)

this protects the figure even against lava and acid

you just have to jam the weapon in for assembly

the cd was on the right side

this is the case of the cd

it has a paper

there are 15 songs on the cd

it's this flat

Paruchu no oyaCHU

a booklet with the lyrics is included

this is how the cd looks

behind it are some sweets

cd looks like this from below.

lyrics for all 15 songs!

so you can sing it without knowing the text

at least if you can read it

the cd is by ave;new

this is the figurine of Momoe Paruchu

she has a height of approximately 12cm,
as you can already see the sculpturing is quite well

the rocket launcher measures around 11,5cm

it shoots hearts, that's why there are so little donor hearts

she smells so cute, like rubber[=___=]

ready to shoot, right at your heart!

she has many cute frills and things that are cute

even a wristband!

,,NO, don't do that onii-chan!"

as she's not bound to a particular place on the base you can put her wherever you want.

base has a lenght of 10cm

around 3-5mm high

you could also flip it... and put the figure below it

you can also leave her without any base at all.

to put the weapon on her was quite easy, just jam it  in.

the fingers guide you!

looking good from  any angle

she has three crayons or **** on her thigh

the boots seem quite heavy

creeping from any angle... and then raping in any possible angle.
normally this set costs 7000yen
seperately they cost 4500yen + 2800yen
as a bargain item I got it for 2800yen\[^____^]/

a song from the cd, very kawaii music
Details of the bazooka and stupid hair and trademark, as well as in the skirt to the attention of three-dimensional!

I think we can without any objections say that this figure is worth the price.

another magazine E2(etsu) vol. 30

of course with posters!!

as always twin-sided

the magazine is very kawaii but has less posters than other ones

kono tabi etc. - in short: you won't survive this journey.

wallscrolls are so cool!

you can put animes on iphones.

pinku to zutto kawaii❤

Pink & Everlasting Cute by Aoi Nishimata x Yoshi ★ Wo

a very nice dress

a cooking maid, I cook  maids.

I would dring that bottle with the skull coming out from it

a twin-tail hat!!

seems to be a game  about becoming friendly with young girls.

it's already  releaed, you should buy it!

judgement ohime judges you to be a pervert.

no one will survive when the judgement comes

Rio Hadumi's Column  Page!

tricks to ask little girls for the way to mc. donalds

some illustrator that illustrates

illustration o nicely kawaii

worikng hard for the sake of kawaii

o, how intriguing...

there are obviously also manly figthers for kawaii

article about phantom breaker

a fighting game

but it's for xbox...

the cat is fat

another figther for the kawaii

notice the hole for the tail

real songtresses are never this good-looking

Guest: Kokonoka-san

discussions on how to defeat the real world

you know, kokonoka-san

eyepatches give + 40 charm

drawing isn't easy

kantoku draws

a report about Taiwan

of course with anime!

catgirls yay!

okaneiru interview

tasty cake^^

02 something sweet, continuation at web

Model's Plofile: 158ccm(too big)

the hyper highspeed genius eroge!

of course also this magazine is suited for epileptic people

a little bit ecchi-like  manga

seems to be good


another manga there is about action and such things like cars

the cars have anime-girls on them.

another mahou shoujo contract

like always you should buy everything advertised.

it cost 934yen
it may not have as  many posters as other magazines,
but there are many cute artworks of cute little girls
the magazine has ~170pages
I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in cute girls.

and now we finally come to the last purchase

a plastic figurine again^^

Fate Testarossa Casual wear Ver. by  Alter

it's a 1/7 figurine, so it's around 20cm heigh

fate at the side from behind

the usual warnings about not fapping in front of the figures etc.

you only have to jam the weapon in and the base for this figure

the background of her box

another ignored warning

she looks very good

her weapon is very easy to jam in

the hairs have a very alive-like feeling

she laso hold her weapon very good, it won't fall off

those little ribbons like this are very cute elements of her dress

they also don't seem like they would easily break off

perverts can shoot at any angle

the wrinkling of the dress look very good

this base is very nice, especially the transparentness is great,

the boots are absolutely bodacious

you can take her head off and do zonbi games with her

you just have to shove the stick in and the attach the scythe

the true definition of rezombie

the orb is very nice, especially when light shines at it

even without head she is still overwhelming

feet of the year!

seeing her holding the stick gives me a very pleasing feeling

the dress has the perfect length

it's a real appetizer

the base is put in her shoes

red eyes are strangely appealing

maybe we all should become rapists after all.

standing very good at the left side of my tft

now for the conclusion
normally the figure costs 6800yen
I paid 4080yen
the sculpting is fabulicious.
there's also a version by kotobukiya(1/8), but I didn't like it as much as this one
this figure gives you a very cheerful feeling
I definitely have to declare it as a must buy for me

figure of the year!

all in all I was very pleased with today's packages(actually yesterday's)
both were from 1999.co.jp, as pretty nice shop
the packages arrived unharmed and  the goods were packed with care

I hope you liked this blog entry.


  1. That was a thorough wave of pictures. The magazines looked really interesting. It's also great that you bought all of these on sale.

  2. wow very thorough, any more packages on the way?

  3. yeah, Jerry, sometimes you can really save a lot of money if you look in the bargain or sales section of the shops.

    a little bit over 200 pictures, Daniel^^

    sure, kkthx, there are almost always some packages on their way to me or at least some things pre-ordered. but I don't always have the time or am too busy playing games, watching anime etc. to make blog entrays for everything I order here, though they mostly only need some hours to write them, tae the pictures and so on, but maybe it's just about having the motivation to start something at all^__^

  4. Great post I always love pictures.

  5. I dont want to sound hipster or anything but I Wish one day I could find figurines from the obscure characters I like.
    From the overwhelming array of images I like the kuroneko one that is showed in one of the books.

  6. I think I just saw this exact figurine in another blog post - forget which blog though.

  7. Love the package – even the naughty parts. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  8. Hey whats up? I'm about to shamelessly plug my corny blog featuring completely original comics about all sorts of things! From me complaining to me being melodramatic, you'll love some of it, I promise but can't guarantee!

  9. http://bddesignclub.blogspot.com/
    check it out & follow. Thanks.