Fushigina Post aka analizing the last poll


Today we once again have to analize a poll!
The question was "What?"
The answer is clear! (50%)

witches without pantsus are demanded!

but why is it that we want witches without pantsus?

shouldn't everyone be interested in pantsus?

aren't pantsu the essence of everyone's happiness

 at least they should

after all they are like a sacred border between earth and heaven

so why do we want it to be removed?

shouldn't even this border alone satisfy us?

let's look several years back

it was perverted and moving to see a panchira(panty shot)

but nowadays it's nearly nomral to have panchira in anime, even in "non-ecchi" ones

of course this doesn't mean panchiras are bad(not at all)

but as it keeps processing we might need more than Panchiras?

nearly every good anime nowadays has a beach episode

there we can see lolis in less clothes than normal without it actually being pervert

of course we also have some Tsunderes in every anime

there's nothing wrong with all these elements in anime

so why don't we also go on with stripping our characters?

and exactly this s the crucial point here!

and there we are back to our issue
sure it's a difference whether we watch hentai or anime

but then we can also speak about the exhilarating effect of non-completely-nude hentai!

 we don't have to fulfill every demand to reach the climax of happiness

even just a cute gesture can fill your gears to the max with stamina!

and this is where we get our conclusion!

the world is determined by  fetishes.

a screen of my desktop, just for you!


  1. You lost me.

    Oh, is that a love hina winamp skin? I used to download and change my skins daily, wonder why I stopped caring. Btw are any of those Girls more complex than a simple clock? Would be cool having some kind of moe tamagotchi on screen.

  2. @van Khar
    the winamp skin is touhou, the figures on it are love hina ones, they are on your windows/programs etc.
    well, I haven't downloaded winamp skins for like 2k years but still have some hundred I've never seen, often walked through the web and downloaded every good anime thing I see.

    well some of them are par exampli picture frames, they change the picture in them after a set time, others are calendars, some walk around, make sounds, follow your mouse, change forms etc. I have some gb of such things around

    a tamagotchi like thing is this you can use it simultaneously while doing other things, http://roiyluks.blogspot.com/2011/05/fuwa-fuwa-taimu-with-horse-birds.html

  3. Lol, I've never been more confused and horny in my whole life.

  4. @Ningen Oh, that's Chocobo Dungeon, I got it with FF8 for PC and you had to play it to get a GF or two. Wondered If I got them at the end? I played it a lot but I can't remember getting a GF from the minigame.

  5. I think you can get some new attacks for your chocobo gf and some rare items, though I don't quite remember

  6. pretty hot pics, i think im getting into that too

  7. Are you able to detect who is wearing the panty form the shots from anime manga, or vn?