the complex postulate of the loli and eating dead meat.

Claymore was like Ghost Busters without Elvis Presley's hair.

oya comrades!

it's time for a double dosis of kill everyone!

but don't wetten yourself too fast!

at first we will shoot our lolis in the face!

in the face!

actually not, but it was a good idea either way.

lolis eat loli food

servants are food for their masters

so dead meat gets eaten by living people, it's that simple.

but cannibalism is "allegedly" a crime

so if you get eaten by your loli...

after being killed by her...

she will get in jail.

you wouldn't like this

so how do we avert such an outcome.

 it's simple:
kill yourself without leaving any trace for anyone.

next time, we will talk about even more interesting things.