Oriental Battler Techniques

It's been quite a while since my last post, hasn't it?

Yes it has.

me as the pervert behind that little plate next to the door

understandably I was playing all kind of eroges, so I had little to none time for anything

well yeah, I didn't die or anything like that, sorry for you

but even so there are things hitting me in the tapped spots

but of course as I have well organized physical training that' just okay with me

cause someday this planet will be under my control anyway.

waiting for you on the field of battle.


  1. Nice video. I love Zetsubo Sensei.

  2. I don't think I've played any old eroges. I should really get on that.

  3. old eroges aren't that bad

    the one above is 淫獣幻夢 from ringer bell^^

  4. Creepy scene from SZS. I used to play some old eroge back in the day when we didn't have bit torrent and google.