fuwa fuwa taimu with horse birds

hello, worthless NEET-sans...

lately I've been playing some Chocobo World

it's a game about chocobos and worlds

you should print this out and put it somewhere for when you need it in an emergency.

or you could also need this in an emergency...

I've robbed countless cactuars.

like back then last summer with Sanae

and made thousands of fish species go extinct.

up to now I've only fought pedos and bats in that game.

but it's already become clear that my chocobo fights for the loli.

you see this pedo?

take this pedo-onidomo!

you were already dead when this fight begun!

currently my right monitors background


no need for words.

by the way, it's summer.

though there are still less than 30 centigrade in my room.

but my chocobo already builds sandlolis anyway.

download? MU RS

well, maybe I hope you enjoyed my chocobo world review of awesome.


  1. lol interesting picture story

    I have followed your blog..Could you follow mine too please?

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  2. No.

    Why should I follow people just because they follow me?

    I don't feel obliged to do this in any way.