Enemies of all mankind.

and many more...

 Batman for Example

or Johannes Krauser II.

but of course there are also good people, like Robocop

he doesn't make the loli cry

even  Hitler was a friend of loli.

because loli are pure and kind

maybe there's even one for you\(^_^)/

as if

even if you are lucky, you will just get punched in the face by the law

only wisdom, courage and power would get you a loli

you can only go with your PokePorn.

yes, you fap to bulbasaur using whine whip on Satoshi.

so, why don't you kill yourself?

 maybe you will go to Gensokyo if you do it(^_____^)"

just kidding of course, we all love you!
(so why don't you donate money to me?)

everynyan loves you!


even the king of Akiba-POP!

 come, eat cake with us!



because everyone just wants your money!

because every real person is just a money-hungry slut who doesn't cares about others!

Homo homini lupus

though there are still  differences in type of mind

some just want to see the world born

others want to see everyone trembling in fear

a few don't care about anyone, dead or alive

and some just want to be the very best!

 like no one ever was

in the end they are all stupid.

except Runge

because he knows, that only I have the right to go to Gensokyo,
that only I have the right to be a GOD.