Awesome package of doom arrived!

 shit's going mad!

empty package?!

the box disappeared!

a wild black rock shooter attacked!

chains and


right and left!

 up and

the downs

it split!

eyes burning with rage!

signs say to don't microwave this!

it opened and a star appeared!

it's splitting butts!

some papers, advertisement for the game etc
(one has a code with which you could watch the brs game trailer on their site)

manual for the Nendos

Illustration Book of Awesome

on the other hand, there's also a backside(36sites or whatever)

storyboard book!

kawaii picture on it's rear side

all storyboards of the OVA, so it has like 10 Billion Pages

oh my gosh!

a Black Rock Shooter !


and BLU-RAY!

the seven subtitle tracks are shining so hard!
(Nihongo, ching chong, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, Francais)

you can also change the cover as it's printed on both sides, a very sugoimono!

of course the shock absorber(made in CHINA) can't be missed out!

it absorbs shocks and eats humans, that's why we call it THE ABSORBER


also usable as wine glasses, as the top right picture demonstrates

seems like a gun, a sword, a BRS, a DM and a scythe

the box can also be used for chess of the wickeds

and for bondaging people who are fated to be hated by you for all eternity

wait, it's empty!
 MissingNo. what the hell did you do?!
luckily I'm still dollikon

instructions for making a fire while camping

putting people in vacuum bags is actually quite an awesome fetish

there's also a chess baord

because BRS is quite chess beridden.

the parts can all be packed un!

this is how little girls are made (notice how I didn't remove the backhair)

assembled it will look like this.

you see green eyes burning deep blue, as it should be


anyway the "chess" board only has 49 panels^^

weapons and guns

yes, my keyboard is alyways standing around like that

you can also mix the figures

DM with a scythe, how way ridiculous

BRS with BRS swords, what a funnay array

how bizarre

you can spin the hair around like a cat in the microwave

check mateo!

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

this was also in  my package(^____^)

I might add pictures once I've build it together!

okay, now for the hard(-on) news

there are/is like one dvd and one blu-ray with some specials on them(like interviews, songs, etc)
there are at least seven subtitle languages, maybe even more?
the extras are:  
Original Illustrated Double-Jacket by huke and Yuusuke Matsuo
Storyboard Collection
Nendoroid Petit BRS Set
(Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master)
huke and Yuusuke Matsuo Color Illustration Book (36 pages)

the quality is really good, the box looks awesome
the double-jack(off) thing or whatever around the box is also very awesome
the nendoroid parts fitted all easily together
(and yeah, I lost the thing that holds the flame somewehre during the process of building double arms
will post picture with brs having flame later, I even heard it hitting the floor)

normally it costs something like 4k yen
I bought it for around 2400yen on hlj, shipping and all happened without conflicts
took SAL with around 1.2k yen, after all the box is around 30cm x15cm x8cm
no damages through shipping
needed around 18 days for shipping
didn't have to pay taxes

the flight machine cost 240yen.
so everything together cost 4120yen together( 2640+1480)

 anime is always the best way to spend your money.

well, in conclusion I would say something like:
five out of five running patchys

if you don't like my rating, please die in a bin

you might've noticed some 3dpd in this post

but real otacons might've noticed something even more disgusting!

all photos are actually in 320x240!
(that's why their quality is so bad)

because the resolution was accidentally still set to this and obviously I don't retake pictures.

to make up for this I will post pictures of my mousepad
(in high resolution, though quality is still beyond worse)

it's Rin from KnJ

way arousing

costs around 5 Dollar on artscow.com with code from special sale section.

This Spoiler opens the Template for my Mousepad

oobaa ando auto.

As stated above I edit-added the "missing" pictures

They are behind this spoiler


  1. lmfao awesome post :p loved the package opening :D

  2. Great package opening. Better than my shitty unboxing posts. I was thinking of impulse buying this when I saw the sale but I held back. I don't feel too bad since I have a lot of pre-orders during the summer.

    >all photos are actually in 320x240!

    I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.

  3. I'm liking the art booklet and storyboard book, I might consider getting this just for those.

  4. just found the part that connects the fire with the hair

    going to edit pics in in like 10 hundred hours.

  5. Great! Awesome post, keep it coming!

  6. Finally added the BRS with the flame and the flight machine.

    They are in the spoiler on the bottom of the post.

  7. That's a pretty good set - the artbook would be awesome and the nendos look great too. Is it normal for anime blu-rays to be subtitled? I assume it's just for big OVAs and movies mostly.

    >you can also mix the figures
    >DM with a scythe, how way ridiculous

    Oh you.

  8. normal ones with two episodes or so are normally not subtitled

    but ovas/movies or whole series boxes are sometimes subtitled,

    the clannad box for example has english subtitle

    also you will have too look whether there is a region-lock on them, the clannad box is region free and can be played on every player

    the brs dvd/BD are also region-free

    but not everything that is region-free has subtitles.

  9. you almost had me going at the picture captions "empty package?"

  10. looks pretty cool, never heard of it before but i might have to download it and watch it sometime...or something.

  11. oh man, i love that gif. you should post more often :)

  12. Wtf this post went everywhere--whatever those are some awesome BRS packages >:3