Mr. White

Once in the life of every man there is a time when he has to chose his destiny
in some cases this will be just a normal day, but not for an otaku
otaku has the desire to be purient with 2d girls, but himself is deemed to be 3d

being all day in his room he forget one thing

just a small thing of big virtue for himself and his desires

just grinding for one skill won't make you go gold

several hardships are to overcome before and entry to the halls of 2d-glory are going to be open

not only waiver and the hardness of a balance beam to suffer

but also the true power of a god-like power stronger than diamond jewels

and this has hardened persons, and hardened minds.

things that measure triumph have become countless

but under all these things there was still something that exceeded everything up to unknown levels

 grasping everything in reach, until there was none.

but this was there point where the pillars of triumph grow rapidly, the true master showed up.

and a new breed was born.

transcending the 2d and 3d world, the true version of flesh and love was born

living together as one team, fighting the same foe, sharing bed and breakfast

their lives are in great profusion and are made of instant loli.


  1. how did you do that?

  2. it's quite easy, you just need to know what little girls are made of.