Is that ok?

as a matter of fact it isn't
 just kidding, it's alright..

..all night!
happiness lies in the eye of the beholder

 as a matter of skirt it is...

huh, looser!
 cool it girls!
 cool it girls!!
 is that Ooukey?
here it comes!
 is that ok?

as a matter of fact it is...

...a bottle of liquid blood

 is this ok?

without a doubt

is that ok?

it's twincest!

as a matter of fact that's totally wrong

but not for long
by the way, this is how yukkuri are made

it's never far enough!

take this
 you won't get something this tasty for a long time
 feet don't belong on the tables

despite if they are to eat!

arms are of course also always welcome for dinner

actually this is quite sad.

sad for you!

time to end this post

if I've learned anything at all from this silly post it's that I am a freaking genius!

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