Another Package arrived!!


 Oh what's this?

seems like a package from J-Pan
Book x 1?

at least it doesn't seem to be a bomb!

let's unpack it!

 some transparent thing with bubbles!

oh Bubbles, you so crazy!

I think this says what's inside(^_^)


Dragon Crisis on BR and DVD 9th March!

the front!

Magikaru madoka featured!

and awesome omake bookmarks!

awesome f-force bookmarks!
Nanoha f-force!
 Subaru, Fate, Hayate, Nanoha and Isis!

you can even see them from behind!!!
Isis Egret!
and Hayate!
Fate and Nanoha!

and Subaru!

They even have holes for penetration above their heads... or for ribbons etc

even Manga on the inside!

sakamatos and so on

so ravishing
smaller manga in bigger manga!

Of course.
Let's go buddy!

and even more manga!

and staff!!!

you can subscribe the Nyantype!

of course there are also many informations about anime, manga, eroge, loli, tentacle...

for example this!

even figurines!

pictures! and textes!
neccessary informations!


amazing games

flyable hearts!
70mb background, I'm coming!!

special madoka interview

holy kei-on!

the ultimate battle!

there can only be one!

What is world witches?!

pantsus without witches or witches without pantsus?
of course there are also posters!!

of which two are mega!

18(eighteen!) Posters!

the hardest part is getting the posters out,
for this underaged people might want to get help from their parents.

I bought this on cdjapan.co.jp for 1838yen (838yen + 1000yen shipping)
it shipped on 28 of March and arrived on the 9th of April, quite fast for SAL.
the shop gives you 300 yen after registration and coupons for orders over 5k yen.
quite good.

as I had no time until now I just unpacked it right now, so I haven't read it or looked through it
but from the photographing I got the impression that it's quit interesting with good omakes and posters, so you should also buy such magazines.


  1. That magazine looks awesome. I would subscribe these types of magazines if I lived in Japan but sadly that's not the case.

    >so you should also buy such magazines.

    I would if they came with extras like figures, etc.

  2. You can subscribe to some of them on j-list.com^^

    on dengeki g's there are rathert often smaller figures(april versionhad a digital clock), in the festival versions you can even get dakimakura covers or oppai mousepads etc.

  3. Yo dawg we heard you like manga..

  4. Looks borderline pornographic in that last image

  5. Lots of stuff in there. Also, Dragon Crisis was pretty good.

  6. >>Looks borderline pornographic in that last image

    looks like my fetish

  7. That's some cool stuff you got there.

  8. Lots of really nice stuff in this, I like the bookmarks and posters.