What could be in today's mail?

what could it be that the mailman brought me today?

where's my mail?!

in the package is exactly nothing!!

oh heavens! there's a false bottom!
what could be hidden unter this false bottom?!
sugoi!! it's a Rika figurine!

the most awesome mail in this century!

a look from the right..

from behind..

and from down beside

another picture of the downside

figurine box on package!

the part with the price tag, close up

the figure still in it's box!

two arms!!

one base!

and an awesome Rika body!

but it has no arms!

my scissors to cut the hell out of the packaging!

the rika body in it's wrap!

now only the foot fetish defending feet wrap is left!

but it has no chance against my loli feet feitsh!

even the arms can't stand against my scissors of doom!

neither can the base withstand the scissors!

after the most furious battle the arm were put in!

then the feet went in the base

and there's she, standing on my desk

unparalelled beauty

so beautiful that I could cry
it cost 1450 yen + 500 yen shipment

a photo from the side

very nice hair sculpturation

the arms are in a very cute pose

they really look nice on her

what a wonderful foot fetish figurine!
and not to forget the knee pit fetish!
of course I made also an *dat ass* photo!

a close up one
close up of the face, beautiful eyes!

sukumizu!!! close up

armpit fetish pic

rika besides waifu picture on my desk
rikas delicious  back-bending in it's full beauty

final arrangement of the figure besides the waifu picture!

waifu picture close up

 I ordered this figurine at hlj.com on the 23. of January, it shipped on the 31. of January and arrived on the 12. of Feburary^^
It's a really awesome figure for 1450yen,  she can easily rival figures with at least double of her price^^

all photos were done with my mobile phone camera(2megapixel)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


  1. Rika in a school swimsuit looks adorable.

  2. looks cute. do you buy them like a collector or do you just like animes? :D

  3. She looks cute. There doesn't seem to be much Rika figures despite how successful Higurashi was.

  4. I'm no expert, but for about 20 USD that's pretty good quality.

  5. That's pretty cute, I also especially like your framed waifu picture on your desk!

  6. nice figure, i like the waifu picture too. good stuff.

  7. The waifu picture was a good final touch. =)