Psyduck! How can you do that?

there was once a quite normal psyduck...

it was normal from the right...

from the left...

from the side...

it wore normal pantsu, but...

omg! how exploitable!!

heavens! how can you do that!

what the frozen hells!

do you have absolutely no shame?!

aren't you supposed to be a hero to the kids?!

have you never thought about your reputation??

and what's this?!

back riding my touhous?!

breast trampling my touhous!

kuchibiru kissing my suwakos?!!!

I start to like this....[!sic]

More explotions are sure to follow!


at least one day to late caterina Valente's for my most precious fan


  1. that psyduck needs to learn to behave himself

  2. Ich bin gerade sehr, sehr stolz auf dich!

  3. What on earth?
    Btw did you draw those drawing in the last pics? They look nice.

  4. That psyduck is evolving into Pedoduck

  5. I'm actually quite interested in the name of the doujinshi. What's it called?