New Site Style!

Hello my beloved readers. In this post I'm going to announce the new site style that has been applied some minutes/hours/days/months ago^^

I didn't really change very much. I put in a new background image, changed some colors slightly and  inserted jump breaks, that's all _| ̄|○

How do you like it? I think it blows some new wind into this nearly half a year old brog(^__^)

You are all invited to leave you opinions regarding the new template, be it good or bad <3

I'm always open to your innovations concerning the site style or if you can't read something, etc I will of course try to fix it(=^ェ^=)

*wan!* *wan!*

iyada!! my precious pants(*o*) 

...the precious pants.

-post end-


  1. It's nice :) And the background image is delicious
    Also like the last one too

  2. imaginating seeing the last pic happening while I am in the train really turns on my gears on maximum overload

  3. It's better, in my opinion, but the pictures in your post are even better.

  4. i like the changes, good stuff. :)