Let's see...

...What has one to lose if one's got only his will?
isn't it one's heart

But why can't you seem to realize this before it's too late?

this is your heart.

and this is your obsession

and this is how it begins

this is how it's in the middle

but after these experiences something happens that let's your bones split in an instant

eight feet are to many for a horse

more if it's probably just to catch your heart and earn money from you without giving it back to you

it's not like the times back in your oldern days

you know the outcome and then you still go on just to see it exactly as you knew it would happen

when did it happen that our bodys only became soulless vessels for lust and infamy?

shouldn't it be supposed to go higher and higher until we go to our final realm?

if you look at it nothing changed

and this is what you know too, whatever choice you take: everything will stay as it was before, totally taking the meaning of your soul

nothing leads into a change of the future, the only thing that changes is your mind

but your mind no longer has the power to do anything, as it never was intented to have such an outcome

the question isn't what would happen if the world became only black and white

because it's already at an state that's either only back or white, just one color

one color, one state, one uncalamity that you can't overcome
you can not advance

you get born on the base of nothing and then you die on the base of nothing.

singularities are non-existent

so are also neither dreams,

nor schemes.

thank you for listening