Are you moe?

just find the clearly colored number in this picture to figure it out


What should we do with the drunken Touhou early in the morning?

day is going, night is coming, christmas is here, halloween is long gone, yesterday was
saturday, tomorrow might be monday, real life might be deranged, when will the new
imouto lolibot dx be out, who knows, at least I don't, you probably neither, so I call for
lipstick brandy gynaecologist memorial retro break time




Mr. White

Once in the life of every man there is a time when he has to chose his destiny
in some cases this will be just a normal day, but not for an otaku
otaku has the desire to be purient with 2d girls, but himself is deemed to be 3d



New Site Style!

Hello my beloved readers. In this post I'm going to announce the new site style that has been applied some minutes/hours/days/months ago^^

I didn't really change very much. I put in a new background image, changed some colors slightly and  inserted jump breaks, that's all _| ̄|○

How do you like it? I think it blows some new wind into this nearly half a year old brog(^__^)


I'm Clannad's father

just telling you that I'm Clannad's father


gomen, totally forgot it, I'm so sorry...